Real image, real dating, real life.

N1TE is a new dating app that brings you closer to real people at WHERE you are, right now. It’s a virtual helper – for matches in Real Life.

No need to chat for weeks, it works just where you are at, supporting your first steps towards another during real nightlife. N1TE helps you discover actual people in your area that are up for dating. Once matched, you will be given a compass to find your date – in real life. This time, not virtually.

Matchmaker for crowded places

Use at business parks, campuses, festivals, clubs, nightlife areas or in fact any populated places. Search the crowd for users that are HERE & NOW and would consider dating, instead of hiding behind a fake profile.

See who likes you

We wanted to be a little peeky… when you search for users in N1TE, if any of them have already liked you, you will know, for free. Just a little hint, to get you matched more easily.

However: we like discretion and privacy. We only keep you active for a while after using the app, and you’re only visible in a short range. You can choose Incognito Mode to hide yourself from anyone who you haven’t liked. When you Log Off the app, we actually delete your daily profile image, and your last location, and will only remember your phone advertising ID and your matches. And we never even ask your name or age, at all, other than you need to be over 18 to download the app.

For girls

REAL thing this time. No need to chat for weeks with men who are not willing to meet up at all. This app works only for those who are Close to each other – literally. You can only use chat when you are probably less than a minute away from each other. Guys can’t get away from actually meeting this time.

It’s also obligatory to take a fresh profile selfie each day, no Photoshop, no pictures from 2005… only real and current stuff.

For guys

You get real selfies, not older than 24 hours… and whoever likes you, you will know. It’s up to you if you want to make a fool out of yourself for the 20th time today by being rejected. Or choose to go for sure. That’s why we say, we’re peeky! But remember, that’s available for girls, too.

What’s free, what’s not

N1TE is free on two days of the week. On all the other days you need to purchase a premium membership, which we provide for short or long periods at different prices starting at $0.99.

You can also go to clubs, events or venues that are promoting us, and therefore N1TE is FREE for that day in a certain perimeter of that location. There’s a map in the application about current free locations in your area.